Emoji Admission Tickets Reusable Bag For Life

Strong, soft, ethically produced and environmentally friendly reusable bag for life.

Full size reusable shopping bag that folds to an easy to carry size.

Made from good quality strong cotton and available in many colours with either short or long handles.
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Emoji admission tickets short handled cotton shopper bag.

Dimensions 38cm x 42cm (width x height). 10 litre carrying capacity. 100% Cotton. Approximately 140gsm.

One size for adults or children with a large selection of colours. Design available on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, lunch bags, gym bags, shopper bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, book bags, homework bags, wallets, pencil cases, stationery sets and many other types of backpacks.

Precision graphics are digitally cut from rolls of premium grade thin stretchable soft touch textile film then heat sealed onto the tote shopper bag. Designs will not crack or peel, are able to stretch freely, and will not fade or discolour (wash/Sun/UV fast colour).

Washing instructions. Sponge clean.

Designed and printed in the United Kingdom. Unless otherwise stated all products are 100% unofficial and are in no way endorsed by, or affiliated with any people, personalities or organisations mentioned.

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Emoji Specs
PictographTitleCode PointShort CodeKeywordsAlternative Names
admission tickets | U+1F39F | admission | admission tickets | ticketadmission ticketsU+1F39F:admission_tickets:admission, admission tickets, ticketEntry Tickets